Monday, February 6, 2012

Are you looking for local grain and poultry??

Get your own share in our farm- and get grain and or poultry (chicken, duck, turkey) delivered to your city!

We run our farm using the "community shared agriculture" model, meaning you pre-pay upfront as an initial investment in us, allowing us to purchase seed/birds/supplies for the shares. We then grow/raise the birds/crops for you and deliver them when they're ready! We have grain shares and poultry shares (with your choice of chicken, duck and turkey meat). There is no limit to how many or what types of shares you can sign up for.

Get your own
share of our grain harvest in the fall of 2012:

We are planning to expand our share grains to include rye and barley flours, so it will be a more diverse share. Unfortunately, we may have to take oats out of this year's program if we are not able to source a good supply of seed for hulless oats. Otherwise, wheat flour is always likely to make up about half of the program. Right now, we make a 2 lb delivery every two weeks throughout the year, with good planning and a good harvest, we would hope to be able to deliver between 2-5 lbs per delivery.

All our flours are stone-ground in small batches- this maintains optimum freshness and nutrition!

We are doing full and half shares, a full share is for the year and a half share is for six months, and the cost is $100 for a full share, and $60 for a half share. The grains function similarly to the poultry shares in the sense that you pay a $25 deposit upfront ($15 for a half share) and then we proceed to grow the grains and harvest them, with deliveries then beginning in the fall and continuing for 12 months, or 6 months (depending which share you opt for).

Allow us to raise a chicken, duck or turkey for you to enjoy in the fall of 2012:

We raise heritage and/or purebred chickens, ducks and turkeys.

The birds are raised in a compassionate manner, with lots of space, sunshine and care.

If you are interested in a poultry share you pay a initial deposit per bird, we the proceed to raise the birds over the course of the summer and then upon delivery you pay a final per pound price. Chickens have a $10 deposit, and are $2.00/lb upon delivery. Ducks have a $15 deposit and cost $3.75/lb upon delivery, while the turkeys have a $20 deposit and cost $3.75/lb upon delivery. We are taking the deposits now, and will proceed to raise and butcher the birds so that they are ready in the fall.

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