Monday, February 7, 2011

Is it spring yet?

I, Anna, sat on the deck this morning in the brilliant sunshine and wove a wreath. To think it was -25 just a couple of days ago. I am pretty sure that it was at least 5 or maybe even 10 above on the deck this morning! Everything is thawing, trinkling and wet. Almost as if winter is coming to an end. Of course its not, but we still hope! Ahh, Alberta. Both Daniel and I are eagerly awaiting spring. We just got our seed order from Richters in the mail yesterday! Yay! Thats not all the seeds yet- we're also waiting for some seeds from Heritage Harvest Seeds (in Manitoba),  as well as a couple from Mapple Farm (it's out east somewhere as well). I feel excited to try the varieties that we chose and see how we particular we are excited to try:

Mystery Keeper tomato (its supposed to store a long time, and ripen from the inside out!)
Fennel (Bronze and Sweet- see how well they go to seed in Alberta)
Gourds (Birdhouse and Crown of Thorns)
Bay Laurel
6 different mints (spear, pepper, orange, pineapple, ginger and chocolate)
a blend of herbs for tea making (bergamot, lemon balm, anise hyssop...)
a smorgasbord of edible flowers

This ties in with Daniels current project, seed saving. This year he will be experimentally growing a whole variety of vegetables and herbs for seed, in order to start with our own seed next year. I am excited about this- it ties in so beautifully with sustainability- it makes sense to us. We made a point of ordering open pollinated types of herbs and vegetables in order to make this project possible.


  1. I"m excited for you. I think I have to order my seeds from you next year!

  2. I love birdhouse gourds! I will plant those when I get a yard of my own. You can cure them, carve and paint them up and sell them. So great.

    Exciting to receive your seed order I am sure. Keep up the blog, I enjoy reading your posts!

  3. That's exactly what we're planning on doing with the gourds. Anna has been itching to to do gourd crafts for a while.

    We'll have to see what sorts of seed I end up with. I'm hoping a good variety of the herb seeds for sure. Vegetables will take more practice and time I think...