Monday, November 28, 2011

Its winter!

Daniel and I want to thank everyone so far for all the support you have given to us. we are thrilled to be farming, growing food for such grateful people that get as excited about food as we do! We are enjoying getting to know you an look forward to the deliveries over the course of the winter.

Things are finally slowing down for us. Its hard to believe, but its true. The snow is on the ground, the soil is at rest. It is a perfect time for reflection. In so many ways it has been a super year, and in a lot of ways its been a difficult one too. The spring weather, rain, mud and cold, made it hard to start. Transplants sat in the soil and said "this sucks! I'm not growing" for what seemed like weeks and weeks. We would go on our field walks alongside the rows of crops and do our best to encourage them, saying "come on, you can do it! It'll warm up soon, promise!".

Not only that, it was our first year in business. That in itself felt like a big challenge. Sometimes I didn't feel very confident in my own abilities- I was worried we couldn't do what we set out to do. I probably had a little bit more faith in Daniel than I did in myself! Its surprisingly intimidating setting out and being entirely and personally responsible for every single decision- the welfare of animals, the survival of we irrigate today? Should we plant this out yet, or could the night time temperatures still kill it? is this wheat ready to harvest- it still feels doughy- what is doughy suppose to feel like anyway?? and, we have a wedding to get to!! Lol. and so on.

However, despite the challenges- we feel like the year was such a success- of course we have all our fellow foodies, shareholders, family and friends to thank for that! Most of the plants did grow, we harvested what we hoped to harvest (for the most part). If we had more wheat shares available, they would be sold. Very exciting! Our ducks and chickens are healthy and happy. (look for updates soon regarding 2012 duck and turkey shares!)

We learned a lot (hulling oats anyone?! sigh...), but what is life without some mistakes and learning from them.

We will be spending our entire winter planning and looking forward to the coming growing season. Also, in case you are in Calgary, you can catch us every second Wednesday at the Parkdale farmers market from 2:30-6:30. You can purchase farmer Johns tasty veggies, and our flour, herbs,and crafts there.

Just wanted to let everyone know how happy and privileged Daniel and I feel to be here- growing food on this beautiful land and being able to give it to you. Thank-you! This is Anna signing off, and good night <3 <3

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  1. Thank you for the update Anna and Daniel! It's great to hear what you're up to, and even greater to know it's been a successful year in moving forward! I look forward to see what plans you come up with this winter, and only wish that somehow Montreal and Olds would geographically be close enough to enjoy the shares of Country Thyme Farm!
    Love K