Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The greenhouse and a Recycled tray for seeding

Its spring, and we are busy tending our seedlings we have had in the greenhouse since march. Many of you might be thinking of getting some things started, such as tomatoes, hot peppers or other longer season plants. This recycled egg carton is a simple idea, just for fun, especially for the home gardener who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on plastic trays. Who has lots of eggs trays sitting around? That's what I thought, so here's my idea:

Take an egg tray
Poke holes in bottom, I used a screw
Full up with potting soil
Seed in each egg spot
Cover lightly with soil, water and label
And presto!

A cheap (free essentially) and re-usable (or bio-degradable if its cardboard!) plant tray! We sees 1000's of plants, so we do need to buy plastic trays for our farm. But we reuse them every year, even if they're broken.

The greenhouse is a double polly hoop house built by John mills at his farm at eagle creek farms. We're renting space from him to house our starts.

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  1. A really good and cheap way is to make small pots out of news paper. Take a small glass jar (a spice jar works well). Cut strips of newspaper that are about an inch wider than the jar. Lay the jar on the newspaper so that the extra inch is at the bottom. roll the newspaper around the jar, and at the same time fold the extra inch up over the bottom of the glass. Then slide the glass jar out and fold the top of the newspaper to the inside (about half an inch). When you fill the pot with soil hold the bottom so it doesn't open. (Once the pot is standing in a tray it's fine.)You can put the plant into the garden with the paper pot.