Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seedy Saturday/Sunday success

Hello dear readers, mom, and friends!

Well, it's been a busy two weeks. Last week we did seedy Saturday in Calgary, which was SO busy and an incredible success! And this week we were at red deer for seedy Sunday. Not as busy, but we were still glad that we were there. We had a chance to connect with many shareholders and people new to gardening and experts alike. So many things that I'm looking forward to. Seed saving, planting the veggie garden and adding beauty and bees to the property with many, many flowers. SO many flowers. I love flowers and trees and shrubs! Like I've said in previous posts, everyday I find something new to look forward to everyday on our farming/local food/seed saving/heritage promoting and loving lifestyle!!!

Seedy events are foundational to the gardening and local food and farming community. They provide an opportunity for people to exchange the seeds they have personally saved, or perhaps received from a friend. These seeds will often be rare, unique and specifically suited to the local climate they were grown in. And, perhaps most special of all, they come with stories. One lady at the seed saving event was so thrilled about the colours she had selected for in these ice plants she had been growing for years and I ended up buying them purely based on her excitement for them! Often seeds have been in a family for generations and the seed owner will tell you about the russian grandmother that brought them over and things like that. Of course we were selling our herb plants at these seedy events, which aren't seeds, but all the same we were proud of the quality and selection of our plants. People are always happy if we have done the work of starting plants for them.

Daniel is developing a passion for seed saving and would like to make that a goal for our farm. He wants everything or close to it grown from our own seed and to also provide these seeds to others in the area. In the past we have saved a handful of things, and it's really fun. Tomatoes, borage, wheat, peas... And honestly I have never hesitated to help myself to random flower seeds when I might see them in a public garden or a park. It's fun!

What do you like to save?

Ps that's our booth at seedy Sunday. We were sharing it with our friend, Mike Kozlowski from Steel Pony Farm.


  1. Love the boxes your herbs are displayed in... did you make them?

  2. Hi Kat! Thanks, ya I built them. :) I built bigger stackable ones too!

  3. The boxes look really great!
    I'm the same as you. I love saving seeds and I often "steal" them too. Sometimes though I ask. Do you remember when I started the Irises from seeds you brought home from school?
    I also love propagating, it's so much fun!